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After your wedding, Your Professional Photographs and Video will last a lifetime and more - bringing back precious memories for years to come. It is important to seek out a skilled artisan whose style matches your vision for your wedding day, one who has an eye for superb images.

A Spotlite Video & Photo Service coverage includes the following with an emphasis on the first (traditional). This makes sense: even if you love the impressionistic approach, your mom will surely want a touching photo of the bride and groom and a smiling picture of mom and dad with their son or daughter.

  • Traditional photography includes portraits of bridal party and family - close-up and full length - and candid photographs that tell the story of the day. This is the style that suits most weddings.
  • Wedding photojournalism means not posing for photographs - pictures would be taken without any instruction from or awareness of the photographer. This is where video has an edge with our multi camera set-up many angles and events of your wedding are captured without you being aware of us. (see Package Price link for multi-camera views)
  • Illustrative photography has drama, grand poses and majestic scenery. Every detail in the image is carefully arranged to produce a photograph with impact. Think of this style as what you would find in high-fashion photography - where even the candid photos are the results of precise posing and lighting.
  • Creative or Impressionistic photography consists of images with an unusual angle. The photographer is creating his or her artistic impression of your wedding day. The goal is to produce a limited number of art prints from your wedding.

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